Since she was ten Alexandra took part in local events, and she began to sing with other two girls in 1997. Elpis was born.

The name of “Elpis” was chosen by the singer, inspired by the Greek word “hope”. After a couple of appearances the Elpis girls broke up, but Alexandra continued on her own, trying to raise in the music business, making her way in the world with a unique style and rhythm.

As she intended to follow the professional path she was well aware that success is both inspiration and hard constant work, Elpis started taking canto and modern music classes since 1997 and set on writing her own lyrics.

In 2000 she meets her actual producer, with whom she is in the process of composing several tracks to be included in the new album.

On 30th of July 2005 Alexandra and Daniel got married.

The latest album "Real Love" released on August 18, 2011 marks a new age in the history of Elpis.