Welcome to the official site of Elpis!

As any other passionate artist, Elpis tries to create something new and original imposing her point of view within the music environment. Creating interesting and original art pieces, no matter what the others believe, has always been the distinctive mark of the artistic soul.

Optimistic and full of energy is therefore the Elpis music, which is not meant to change lives or produce astronomic revelations to the public; it is only meant to change mental states, to transform tiredness into energy, routine into joy in front of the small things of life. It may not be able to change the world but it is an energy pill, a dancing wave and a refreshing sound. It does not put an end to problems, it does not give the solutions to important everyday issues and it is not the winning ticket for the lottery.

Music never was.

Elpis is an artist taking you by the hand, drawing you into the circle of dance and rhythm, showing you that her music can be a road partner and a friend. Elpis needs the public so it can exist. And her public is made up of people who have never given up their dreams, their beliefs and their hope.

Find it in your heart and join her!